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Guest FAQ

Meeting our special guests is an exciting time for all involved.
We understand that while our "con regulars" know how it works, for others there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

A celebrity guest meeting a fan

Guest FAQ

Who is attending the event and when?

You can find out who is attending the event by using the navigation menu at the top of the page - Any guests will also be advertised with their attendance days above their display image.

We also promote confirmed guests through our social media channels which you can follow online.

Please note: Not all guests are attending both days of the event.

How much are autographs?

For any guests attending as part of our Signing Halls there will be a charge for autographs.

Prices can be found on our guest price list.

All prices are subject to confirmation from the guests and/or their representatives.

How do I meet a guest and where are they signing?

The majority of guests will be situated within our Signing Halls across the venue, of which these are divided into three main arenas within the main venue itself.

Each of the arenas are all connected and guests will be located at various points throughout - Should you not be able to locate a certain guest please feel free to ask one of our fantastic team members on site who will be able to point you in the right direction!

If a guest is situated within a private/sponsored signing area away from the main arenas then these will be specially marked out on any maps throughout the venue.

Please note: You will need entry wristbands visible at all times to access ALL areas of the event and may be subject to queues.

What can I get signed?

All guests in the Signing Halls will have a selection of 8x10 images provided for free when you purchase an autograph, although you can have personal items signed instead - these can include posters, DVDs, books, action figures etc but the guests do reserve the right to refuse the signing of certain items and is at the discretion of the guest and/or their representatives.

Can I give a gift to a guest?

Whilst the majority of guests are open to this we cannot guarantee that they will accept all gifts over the course of the weekend due to a variety of reasons.

Should you want to show your true appreciation, we suggest donating to a guests chosen charity instead.