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From superheroes to sci-fi, fantasy to horror, immerse yourself at Wales Comic Con.



Cosplay culture brings together fans from all backgrounds, providing a platform to showcase their passion for pop culture and connect with others who share their interests.

A cosplay guest dressed in a brightly coloured orange dress holding a mage staffThree cosplayers dressed as Starwars characters holding lightsabersA cosplayer dressed as a Mogwai from the 80s movie "Gremlins"A cosplayer dressed as Iron ManTwo cosplayers, both dressed as the Mad Hatter from the live action Alice in Wonderland

Gaming Zone

The Gaming Zone is always a big hit with new game releases being showcased as well as competitions, retro favourites, the Gamer's Bus and arcade machines.

Have a go yourself or sit in the audience and spectate competitors on the main gaming stage via our giant LCD screen.

A brightly coloured double decker bus. It has Gaming Zone written on the side.

Exhibitors Hall

Fancy a bit of shopping? We've got you covered with our large exhibitors halls full of awesome merchandise for you to browse.

There's something for everybody with the huge variety of sellers at the event and you're unlikely to go home empty handed!

A cosplayer dressed in a Game of Thrones costume sat on the Iron Throne smiling at the camera.

Special Guests

There's a huge variety of guests for you to meet over the weekend including actors, content creators, artists and writers. You'll be spoiled for choice with one of the UK's largest collection of guests all under one roof.

Three guests on stage laughing and having fun in a Q&A panelA celebrity guest smiling at a fanA guest looking up smilingA celebrity guest signing a Lord of the Rings Middle Earth mapLord of the Rings guests taking part in a Q&A panel

Q&A panels

Got a burning question you want to ask about your favourite TV show or movie? You might just get the chance to ask during a Q&A panel.The Q&A Hall is a staple activity during the weekend where you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching your favouite guests chat to our hosts and interact with the audience.

Two special guests having a conversation on stage during a Q&A panel

Artists Alley

You'll find a wide range of talented artists, illustrators, and creators showcasing their unique artwork and designs. From traditional comic book styles to contemporary pop art, there's something for every taste and preference.

Learn more about the artists themselves, their inspiration and creative process, and even purchase some of their amazing work!

An artist drawing at his stand, his stall is decorated with his artwork on the wall behind him.

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