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Cosplay rules and policies

Cosplay is a popular activitiy at Wales Comic Con, to ensure the safety of all attendees and to make sure your hard work doesn't end up confiscated, please make sure you thoroughly familiarise yourself with our rules and policies.

Banned items

The following items are restricted and should not be brought to the event under any circumstances:

1.  Any metal blades, regardless of whether they are sharp or blunt.This includes but is not limited to swords, knives and axes.

2. Explosives and incendiary devices.

3. Pyrotechnics or fireworks.

4. Actual guns, rifles or other firearms.

5. Heavy bats and paddles, including wooden and metal baseball or cricket bats.

6. Strung bows or crossbows that are capable of being drawn and/or fired.

7. Arrows or bolts with sharp tips.

8. Protruding nails, barbed wire or other sharp items.

9. Anything that is restricted or prohibited by UK law.

There will be no exceptions made to the above rules, even if you have a special licence or training.

Anyone found to be carrying any of the above items will have their items confiscated and may be removed from the event and/or reported to the police at the organisers discretion.

Costume info

1. Wales Comic Con is a family event and you should wear a costume that is appropriate. Nudity and extremely revealing costumes are not permitted – you should not wear anything that provides less coverage than a typical two-piece swimming costume.

2. You should avoid anything that could be considered offensive – costumes that include symbols of intolerance or hatred will not be allowed.

3. As WalesComic Con is a family event, you should not wear anything that could be considered overly disturbing to children or those of a sensitive disposition. Costumes based on characters from horror franchises are fine, but please avoid anything too shocking or gruesome. You should also avoid purposefully scaring or causing distress to other attendees.

4. Make sure that your wristband is visible at all times. Staff on the door will do their best to find an appropriate location for your wristband, but are unable to attach wristbands to props or any item of clothing that can be easily removed.

5. As the event can get crowded, very large costumes or those that heavily restrict your movement or vision are not recommended. If you choose to wear a large or restrictive costume, make sure you have someone with you to act as a guide and to help avoid accidents.

6. Your costume should not include any sharp edges that could cause injury to yourself or others

Other general rules and info

1. Use your common sense – just because the sword you’re carrying isn’t real, doesn’t mean you should hit someone over the head with it!

2. It is your responsibility to make sure that your costume, weapon or prop is suitable for the event. The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone wearing an inappropriate costume and/or to confiscate any weapon or prop that is considered to be dangerous.

3. Be careful when transporting props and weapons, especially when using public transport. In most cases, you should keep your prop or weapon in a bag until you arrive at the event.

4. Please be aware that you may be approached by a member of the Cosplay Team or Security to check your weapon or prop. If this happens, please be co-operative.

5. It can get very warm in the main hall, so make sure that you drink plenty of water, especially if you’re wearing a warm costume!

General restrictions

Weapons that you wish to carry around the event should be no longer than 1.5m (5ft). An exception is made for staves or large walking sticks, which may be up to 1.9m(6ft3), however, you must make sure that they are handled responsibly. Larger weapons that can be dismantled into several smaller pieces (all under the 1.5m restriction) are permitted, thought they must be dismantled in heavily populated areas.

2. Larger weapons can be stored at the Cosplay Desk until the Masquerade (if you are taking part), but they are left at your own risk.

3. Any weapon brought to the event must be legal and must not be able to cause bodily harm.

4. Take care in crowded areas with your weapons – you should be careful not to knock into anyone, especially with larger weapons, as this may cause injury.

5. Behave responsibly. Anyone engaging in dangerous behaviour or harassing others will have their weapon confiscated and may be removed from the event.

Melee weapons

No solid metal melee weapons, whether sharp or blunt, will be allowed into the event.Please leave them at home.

2. Any melee weapons must not have any sharp edges that might cause injury to yourself or others.

3. Theatrical weapons, such as hollow aluminium swords, or foam weapons with a solid core,such as those used in live action role play, are permitted.

4. Weapons to be carried around the event should be made of lightweight materials such as plastic, foam, light wood or cardboard. Wooden or other solid (legal) replica weapons must be peace-bonded (unable to be drawn).

5. Heavy bats and paddles such as baseball or cricket bats are not allowed. Foam or plastic alternatives are allowed as long as they are lightweight.

Ranged weapons


Unrealistic guns made of plastic, such as brightly coloured toy guns or those that are clearly science-fiction based, are permitted providing they are not over 1.5m and aren’t heavy enough to be used as a blunt weapon.

2. Realistic replica guns are permitted only if they have a brightly coloured tip on the end of the muzzle and/or if they have a significant brightly coloured portion that is clearly visible.

3. You must be able to demonstrate that the weapon is unable to be fired – this means that,where applicable, the magazine must be empty and the batteries removed. You may leave magazines or batteries at the Cosplay Desk if needed, but they are left at your own risk.

4. Realistic guns without a brightly coloured portion are not permitted.

Bows and Crossbows

Bows and crossbows are permitted as long as they are not strung, or if they are strung with weak elastic – it is important that your bow or crossbow cannot fire.

2. Metal tipped arrows or bolts are not permitted.

Other ranged weapons

Most other kinds of ranged weapons, such as slings, are allowed as long as they have no ammunition loaded.


Roller skates, roller blades, skateboards and scooters are not permitted in the indoor areas of the event.

2. Anything that could be used as a blunt weapon, such as golf clubs, should be left at home.

3. Most mundane items such as umbrellas, walking sticks, rolling pins and racquets are allowed as long as they are small and relatively lightweight.